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Optogenetics sheds new light on the brain

[2011-12-01, Nr 4 2011, sid 40-43]
A new technique called optogenetics is in the process of revolutionizing neuroscience and may result in many new answers and treatments. It involves very specifically controlling nerve cells in living brains using rays of light.
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Denmark and Sweden on top now, but growth is threatened

[2011-12-01, Nr 4 2011, sid 3]
The global economy is quaking in its boots, Greece is making life difficult for the Euro, and venture capitalists are leaving the small biotech companies in droves, but there are still things to smile about this Autumn. At least here in Denmark and Sweden.
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In ten years time your boss will be called Li, Xi or Deng

[2011-05, Nr 2 2011, sid 3]
Within the next ten years, China could be the next world leader in biotechnology and life science. How will this affect the pharmaceuticals industry and the prerequisites for companies in Medicon Valley? This is a question which more people should be asking.
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Sweden and Denmark among the top five boitech countries

[2010-10, Nr 2 2010, sid 22-25]
Sweden and Denmark are in the top legue in terms of biotech research according to a study made by the magazine the Scientific American. However it is important that the two countries maintain momentum in order to hold their positions. Competition between countries is keen.
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Development of new antibiotics must be ensured

[2010-10, Nr 2 2010, sid 3]
The development of new antibiotics must be put to national debate. Give the WHO or a similar international organisation the resources and responsibility to monitor and control the development.It is no longer a question of believing that the market forces will solve the need for new antibiotics when the finanscial world as well as Big Pharma have plunged into a crisis.
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