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In a Time of Hope and Despair

CLS YB 2016[2016-04, Yearbook 2016, sid 2]
When I look back at 2015, I sometimes feel that it is easy to lose hope. A complicated war in Syria has created the biggest refugee disaster since World War II. A situation that Europe has until now failed to handle. The same Europe that, in the summer, was about to break when Greece’s loans could not be paid back and the same Europe that is now falling to pieces when Britain threatens to leave. A united Europe that does not actually seem so united when it really counts…

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Big Pharma’s new (record) deal is sweet music to CROs

CLS-Nr-3-2014-web[2014-10-25, Nr 3 2014, sid 4]
I recall a time when Big Pharma was seen as the temple of major innovation. As a Swedish undergraduate chemist, I had heard my share of stories about how researchers from Astra created and developed metoprolol (Seloken), terbutaline (Bricanyl) and the fantastic tale of how Ivan Östholm defied corporate instructions and created omeprazole (Losec), which later became the top-selling drug worldwide. Defied instructions…what a rebel!

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Time for medical technology to join the party

CLS-Nr-2-2014-web[2014-04, Nr 2 2014, sid 4]
I’ve been a medical journalist for almost 20 years and written about most aspects of medicine, but almost never about medical technology. Medical technology has just never been considered sexy. Monty Python is probably to blame. Who can forget ”the machine that goes ping” From The Meaning of Life back in 1983?

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Cancer mystery solved*

CLS-Nr-1-2013[2013-10-04, Nr 1 2013, sid 4]
You have seen them before and will certainly see them again – headlines like the one above announcing medical news and breakthroughs in research that pay no regard to the underlying scientific nuances. Dig a little deeper and you will find the headline is rarely founded in the actual reseach it seeks to report.
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